Exotic Pets

The website has been set up to aid everybody who has general interest in exotic pets. If you’re a beginner looking at which pet to start with or an expert brushing up on a bit of information your bound to find what you need here. You’ll find information on hundreds of species of exotic animals, links to caresheets, information on growing your own live food, informative and helpful exotic pet related DIY guides, information packed guides designed to introduce beginners to the hobby and oh so much more.

Exotic animals

Species bites

This is the largest section of the website in terms of number of pages associated with it. Over a period of time in excess of 300 species of exotic pets will be covered. Everything from the humble corn snake to the blue-tailed tree lizard will be included in this.

In the guides you will find a range of information, including (but not limited to) scientific name, genus (family), origin, diet, life expectancy, and more. The internet is full of information on the more common species such as the royal python, but what about not as common ones such as the Girdle-tailed lizards? Don’t they deserve their own little corner of the internet? What I am trying to get across is that while there is a wealth of information on the common species, there isn’t much on the less common species. Thanks to this website, hopefully over time this will change and you should be able to easily find information on many more species.

While I won’t be offering direct care information, I will be giving the locality and general habits (climbing, burrowing, etc) which people can then use to form their own ideas on care. In the guides I cover the locality of the animal so you can find out the required temperature and humidity. Then its down to using your common sense, larger animals will require larger enclosures, look at the animals themselves, they are likely to be adapted in some way, be it for burrowing, climbing, swimming etc. Use these signs to work out the appropriate care.


This section contains a variety of exotic pet care sheets sourced from all over the internet. Some of them have been written by myself while others have been written by other people. In all cases the original author has been mentioned. If you have a care sheet you would like adding to the collection please email me a link by visiting the contact page. Care sheets provided include the corn snake care sheet and the crested gecko care sheet.

Live food

The live food section is another key area of the website. When you have a large collection of exotic pets (or even a smaller one but you just wish to save money) it is often a good idea to culture (breed/grow) your own live food. The resources for this seem to be scattered around the internet, and often are difficult to find. I have compiled a series of guides on growing your own live food. I will be covering everything from crickets to mice (to be used as frozen food obviously, but they are included on the live food page for ease of finding) to cockroaches to waxworms. Some are written by myself while others are written by other people, the original owner will always be given.


This page will contain links to websites I feel are useful for the exotic pets keeper. I will include live food suppliers I have had good dealings with, forums I recommend, and more. If you would like your website adding please get in touch via the contact page.


If you have spotted an error, would like to submit your own page (caresheet, DIY guide, species bite, live food culture guide, etc), would like to see another section added to exotic pets or would like to contact me for any other reason this is the page to do it.

Exotic pets forum

This is the exotic pets forum, a meeting ground for exotic pet enthusiasts all over the world to meet up and share their passion. Sign up today.


Being a keeper of exotic pets can be very expensive, but there are ways to save money. For instance, you can build your own vivarium and incubators especially designed for exotic pets and use air purifiers to keep your house nice and smell free. There is also a wide range of decor you can make, including fake rock wall backgrounds (3d backgrounds designed to look like rock faces made from polystyrene and tile grout), and hides designed to look like rocks. Its on this section you will find simple but comprehensive guides to such projects.


Being a beginner can be a daunting prospect can’t it? All this conflicting information everywhere, people telling you to get this or to get that. Pets can get everything from a cold to cancer, so they need proper care, whether it be treatment for ADHD or proper diet adjustment. Pet shops telling you that you need to buy things you don’t need such as brain capacity improvement pills and that or else you won’t be keeping your pet properly. I hope to eliminate this problem by providing all of the information you will require when starting out in one place. I’ve started by listing all the species which are generally accepted to be suitable for beginners. I have then written short guides for them which should help set you off in the right direction. In them you’ll find information such as why a certain species makes a good starter pet, what you will need to buy to keep them, basic care information and any books I feel you should read.